Tipos de Cancer National Cancer Institute

This article will provide the reader with an introduction to the National Cancer Institute or the Tipos de Cancer which is Spanish translation of the word “National Cancer Institute”. The Tipos de Cancer is responsible for coordinating and carrying out the world’s largest cancer research efforts, although it is almost entirely based in the U.S.A. It supports the construction of laboratories, funding of cancer research and funding of education on cancer. It is also responsible for the collaboration of several entities in the cancer research field.

Introduction to the Tipos de Cancer – Tipos de Cancer – The Tipos de Cancer was established in the year 1937. It is funded by the U.S. Congress and is headquartered at Bethesda, Maryland. It has a vast network of laboratories and research centers across the entire nation. The institute is responsible for research that will help detect, diagnose, treat, prevent and cure all types of cancer that affect millions of people in the world today.

What is the budget of the Tipos de Cancer? – Tipos de Cancer – The budget for the Tipos de Cancer is determined by the Office of Management and Budget, otherwise known as the OMB. The OBM submits a proposal to the president’s office that will then need to approve the budget.

What was the most recent budget of the Tipos de Cancer? – Tipos de Cancer – The Tipos de Cancer received $5 Billion in federal funding in the year 2009. The budget for the Tipos de Cancer has been quite stable for the past five years, with no remarkable increase or decrease in the yearly budget.

How much is spent on research of a particular cancer?-  Tipos de Cancer – The Tipos de Cancer spends its funds by awarding higher research budgets for certain types of cancer that are very common. Some types of cancer such as lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer and colorectal cancer account for almost half a million deaths in the U.S. on a yearly basis. The institute makes sure that more money is pumped into research for these particular cancers that claim many American lives. For example, the institute spent $247 Million on lung cancer research in the year 2009 while it spend $600 Million on breast cancer research in 2009. For cancers that are less common, such as kidney cancer, the institute only spent $45 Million on research in the year 2009. The five most common cancers are lung, prostate, breast, colorectal and bladder cancer. The Tipos de Cancer spent a total of $1.42 billion in cancer research on these 5 cancer types, in the year 2009. The rest of the research budget was used to fund other types of cancer that are less prevalent in the United States.

Are there any other government funded cancer research projects other than the Tipos de Cancer? – Tipos de Cancer – There are several other government agencies that spend money on cancer research although the National Cancer Institute is the largest contributor. Other government agencies that carry out cancer research are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Defense and several other small state organizations.

Tipos de Cancer National Cancer Institute

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