www.cancer.gov website

www.cancer.gov – Official Website of the National Cancer Institute

www.cancer.gov is one of the most comprehensive cancer information resources on the Internet. www.cancer.gov is maintained by the National Institute of Health. As of now, the www.cancer.gov website has more than 115,000 different pages that provide various aspects of information on cancer types, cancer symptoms, cancer treatments, cancer diagnosis, cancer support services, and clinical trials for cancer treatment as well as information on many other critical aspects of the cancer disease. Below, one will find a summary on some of the highlights of the www.cancer.gov website.

The homepage of the www.cancer.gov website

The homepage of the www.cancer.gov website can be a great starting point for research on cancer. One will be able to find quick links to cancer statistics, clinical trials, information about research and funding of cancer as well as sections that will list the latest news in cancer research. The most important highlight of the home page of the www.cancer.gov is that it provides easy access to vital information about the most common cancers in the U.S. In America, common cancer types such as bladder cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and a few others make up for more than a million newly diagnosed cases every year.

A visitor of the www.cancer.gov website will quickly be able to find the following angles of information on every type of cancer. The www.cancer.gov will provide information about treatment options, clinical trials, prevention, genetic causes, environmental causes, screening and testing options as well as statistics on each cancer type.

The website also provides a live online chat option that visitors can use to seek guidance to locate the right resources on the website.

Using the www.cancer.gov website to find information on clinical trials

The www.cancer.gov has been a goldmine for many cancer patients who have been able to find clinical trials that they can enroll in. Clinical trials are experimental treatments where test subjects are given new drugs that have still not been approved by the FDA. Clinical trials are especially useful for patients who have not seen any kind of improvement in their health as a result of conventional treatments. However, finding a clinical trial can be very difficult, if not for the www.cancer.gov website. The www.cancer.gov currently maintains an easy access database that will quickly help the visitor find a clinical trial to treat their particular type of cancer, in their particular geographic area. There are more than 8,000 clinical trials that can currently be accessed from the www.cancer.gov website.

Cancer statistics at the www.cancer.gov website

Many cancer patients are extremely anxious about their prognosis, especially if they have suffered or are suffering from an advanced staging of cancer. The www.cancer.gov website will provide detailed statistics about the prognosis for various types of cancers that are currently affecting humans today. One will be able to get specific information on their prognosis by going through the various statistical measures that are maintained on different types of cancers. One can also use the live help option by accessing www.cancer.gov/livehelp to chat with a representative at www.cancer.gov who will then be able to guide the visitor on finding the right information about their prognosis.

www.cancer.gov website

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